Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Baby Eric Junior

I have just received photos of my youngest brother's 1st born, Son.

My brother and his little bundle of joy

The little angel sleeping soundly

Welcome to Fatherhood
Its a wonderful journey
Of more than sleepless nights
Dirty diapers and milk bottles

It's to love
And be loved
To give
And be given (eventually)

To give beyond what you think you were able
To receive more than you think existed
To understand far above what God had done
When He laid down His Son Jesus for you

Now you will know
Now you will understand
Now you will appreciate
Now you will thank Him

It's a wonderful journey... Enjoy the ride!

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Corinne Jansz said...

*Geram* so cute, so much hair, does he have a name yet?

irish daisies said...

how cute..and how blessed they are..congrats to them!

goolypop said...

cubit cubit.. so cute! Can smell hiong hiong :)

reanaclaire said...

hi chris..its been a long while since i last seen a newborn baby .. i wonder how it feels to carry one.. hhmmmm... cute eh...