Friday, February 29, 2008

Double Parking A Norm In Thailand

I honestly have not seen this type of parking system, ANYWHERE in the world. I have traveled to numerous countries and have NEVER seen this unique practice EXCEPT in Thailand.

If you want to double park... following are some basic rules...

  • If you are driving an auto car, keep it to "N"
  • Keep the brake down

When you need to move out and someone is blocking you, its not unusual for a passerby to stop and help you push the car aside. You have complete strangers coming up to you and there is no need for introduction, shaking hands or any formality. They know you are in need and they have been in that position before.

At hotels, shopping complexes and crowded places there are Parking Attendants present to assist.

As a matter of fact, its a very good and efficient system. It often alleviates parking problems, increase parking space at a small area and provides a solution for an unorganised metropolitan overcrowded city, like Bangkok.

But... but... I hate it when a 4 wheel truck blocks me! So big and heavy to push :-(

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Kellan said...

Now that is wild!! I've heard of double parking, of course, but not as an acceptable thing - that is crazy and would take me a wild to get used to that. I think it does kind of make sense though - right?

Have a good weekend - see you soon. Kellan

GarGies said...

Haha.. good one.
The first time I saw my brother doing that, my whole family's jaws dropped!

Really unbelievable, crazy and yet so effective.

Over in Cheras, KL, one common double parking system is to leave a contact number at the car's dashboard. Also a good way too, I would say, but then again, there are times when some refuse to spend the little to make that call. sigh.

Eagles' Wings said...

Yes. It is wild! If its done in Malaysia, people will break their horn and pull their hairs out!!

Eagles' Wings said...

Its a very tough system to implement. Malaysians have NO patience, unlike the Thais.