Monday, February 4, 2008

Ethaniel and His Two Front Teeth

Ethaniel's teeth has been shaky for some time now, I wrote about it on 23 Jan. The time has come...

I asked Ethaniel if he wants me to "help" him hasten the process. It obviously is too risky to keep it there. He might accidentally have it for lunch. He was hesitant, after a little coaxing from me and encouragement from Joel, he agreed. I did it for Joel too. Just to assure him that others has taken the same path.

So at 10.35am on 4 Feb 2008, Monday. I successfully dislodged his 1st two front teeth.

The apparatus required to perform the task

Joel looking for the tooth which 'flew' away
Mission accomplished

The crater
One happy little boy
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