Tuesday, February 26, 2008

House Rules

The house rules is NO HITTING YOUR BROTHER. Anyone who hits, will be punished. Badly.

So, I have just recently discovered that to annoy each other, they kiss and hug. Huh???!!

  • Kiss with WET LIPS and MANY TIMES.
  • Hug VERY TIGHTLY till blood circulation is inhibited.
  • Kiss at the back of the neck with WET LIPS and MANY TIMES.

It is also HOUSE RULES that no NAME CALLING allowed.

So to annoy his older brother, Ethaniel calls Joel, "Honey!"

Yes, that irritates Joel.

So, bottomline. How do you deal with children who kiss, hug AND call out to each other so lovingly?


Kellan said...

Now, that is pretty darn smart of those kids - how funny! "Stop kissing each other," doesn't seem right, does it? Cute post - see you later. Kellan

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha......yur children are really too smart....really cracking your head yeah, Chris?

Sweet Jasmine said...

hi..thks for swinging by my blog...that's how i manage to find yrs.....yr boys are just so cheeky and smart...i've gone to thru'all these times with my two boys too...who will always be at each other when they were small....boys will always be boys...

CY said...

Haha, and with "Honey" already use in the house, so what does hubby called you now? Hope he doesn't degrade it to "sui poh" or something like that! That's what we always hear in our older generation ppl haha.