Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Can Read!

I teach a phonetic program to Ethaniel and we have been at it for the last 2 years. It's a very comprehensive program which includes Math as well. Its called Christ Centered Curriculum (CCC) by Advanced Training Institute (ATI) from the United States.

The 1st year was slow. Many breaks, holidays, interruptions and lazy days. Difficult to get him to sit quietly, still cannot get him to sit quietly. I have almost done away with the dream of having my sons sit down the whole day without having to pee 20 times, tease each other 400 times, joke around 600 times and miscellaneous stuffs about 800 times a day. Yes, a little exaggeration. That's what Mothers do.

Since yesterday, Ethaniel has been able to read his blends and make words. Wow! Double wow! He has been a little slower than Joel to catch the phonetics thingy but somehow, he has GOT IT. Something must have clicked in his little cute brain.

Ethaniel: J-U, ju... jump. Is it correct?

Me: Yes!!!

Ethaniel: Yeah! I can read!

Me: Wow! I am so proud of you!!

Ethaniel: I am so happy! I can read.

Me: Why?

Ethaniel: Because I don't have to ask Mommy to read to me. I can read it MYSELF.

I can see pride oozing out of his ears. He has been wanting to read for a long time. He usually pick up some books, sit on the couch and flips it. I think staring at the pictures. Must have been very frustrating not being able to understand the words. Sometimes Joel will read to him.

Phew! My effort is bearing fruits. A proud moment for Mommy. But actually more relief. Its tiring teaching phonics day in and day out... Its about time!

He makes jokes, faces and laughs THROUGHOUT teaching sessions

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