Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Extra Activity, While In Bangkok

If you run out of ideas of things to do while holidaying or staying in Bangkok, BB gun park will be a fun activity.

BB gun which stands for Ball Bearing gun has been legalised in Thailand for the last 4 years. It looks exactly like a real gun but it uses plastic bullets. Its a very popular hobby among the local Thais. The concept is similar to Paintball.

Joel, my elder son, has been eyeing the BB gun since we arrived in Thailand. Its not legal in Malaysia, therefore, he never had a go at it. He have always wanted to try Paintball but never did. So its a relatively new experience for him.

For his last two Christmas presents, he wanted a BB gun. Each time larger and LARGER. He now owns a LARGE one - M4. The first one was a hand gun and the 2nd was a M-16 machine gun. Since we took him to the BB Gun Park around mid of Jan 08, he is now in love with the game. The army game. You know, the games we used to play as a child with a plastic, paper or wooden gun.

The place we discovered which offered this game is Tubchang. They have both BB gun and Paintball. The place is very well equipped. They have a large game area for BB gun and Paintball, sitting lounge - both air-cond and non air-cond, delicious food and reasonable fees.

large parking area

The park where the BB gun games are played

The fees are as follows:

To play: THB150 (student, cannot remember the adult cost)
BB gun rental: THB250 (Free if you bring your own)

Open from 10am to 2am. Cost is per entrance and unlimited hours.

Joel went again for the 2nd time last Sunday. He had a great time playing for 4.5 hrs, a total of 5 games. No need to be a genius to figure that he was totally exhausted by the time he finished.
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Large sitting area for players

Cosy tables and chairs by the lake

Joel in his army outfit

His favorite position... hiding

Trying to get a good shot of his enemies

Other players

Ethaniel playing his games while waiting

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JO-N said...

My son kept looking at Joel's photo and ask me who's that boy with a gun. Haha. That is a wonderful activity.

CY said...

SH asked me if Jason can go or not but I thought it would be too..err..violent with guns? Dunno if this is good or bad, good could be good training and exercising as well as the mind but bad could be kids exposed to guns and stuff like that. So mou-liew and confused, maybe shd let him go hoh?

Eagles' Wings said...

If you son does visit BKK, we can take him there!

Eagles' Wings said...

My boys has been interested in guns for a LONG time. I think its in the boy genes.

As far as I can see, they are not more violent after playing guns.

Personally, I would prefer if they don't play. But I am not a boy, I cannot understand their fascination.

Ken said...

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