Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Malaysian Food We Enjoyed

These are all the Malaysian food we enjoyed throughout our trip in Malaysia.

Malay dish. Asam pedas, young Jack fruit, kang kung & vege

Cantonese "Yin Yong". A Chinese dish. Kueh teow with Mee Hoon.

Chinese dish. Har kow, steamed chicken, bean sprout & kueh teow soup

"Paper Dosei", an Indian dish. Its called "paper" because its made very thin.

Cendol, an Indian dessert. Consist of coconut milk, sugar, crushed ice, red beans and other stuffs made from flour

Wan Tan Mee. A Chinese dish. Noodles with black sauce and 'char siew' (BBQ Pork)

Bah Kut Teh. A Chinese dish. Pork stewed with herbs. Eat together with rice and fresh chili. A very famous dish in the town of Klang.

Satay. A Malay dish. BBQ chicken and beef on sticks, dipped with peanut sauce

Mee Goreng. An Indian style fried noodle.

Char Kueh Teow. A Chinese dish. Noodle fried with bean sprout, corckles, egg and prawn

Mee Curry. Noodles with curry, taupok, chicken, corckles, bean sprout and fish cake

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CY said...

Darling wife, cook me a Tai Loke Meen, quick, I cannot tahan already...arrg..! How can you display such delicious food in your blog, makes me so hungry yet cannot eat those! Haha

dano said...

Good to see you manager to catch up on Malaysian food.