Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday School Promotion!

Our church in Bangkok, the Sunday School practices promotion when the child go to the next stage. Both my boys were due for a promotion. Joel to pre-teen class and Ethaniel to primary class.

So, they had a presentation ceremony during the Sunday worship service. Since we are homeschoolers, we don't usually have such official ceremony for the children, unlike school going children. So, to us, last Sunday was something to remember.
I recalled when I was in school or church, my parents never came for any of the meetings, ceremonies or Sports Day. How fortunate my children to have us fully involved in every aspect of their lives from education, rock climbing,football, vacation and etc.

Ethaniel was very, I mean very happy to be promoted to the next class. In his own words...

"I am so happy now that I am in a new class.

I don't have to stay with that naughty boy, Ben. The boy who hits me sometimes... Kicks the teacher too(????!!!), naughty, naughty

I like my new teacher.... cannot remember her name...

I have new friends. Yahoooo!"

The teacher said that he is very responsive in class and loves to interact. Yes, I know. Ethaniel the Extrovert.

Me: Ethaniel, are you a good boy in class?

Ethaniel: (Took 3 seconds to response) Sometimes.

Me: Why sometimes? (???!!!)

Ethaniel: Hmm... just sometimes.

Joel enjoyed his new class as well.

Me: How is your new class?

Joel: We had a game today. If the boys manage to answer a question from the teacher, we get to through balls at the girls. And if the girls manage to answer a question, they get to through balls at us.

Me: So, did you answer any questions?

Joel: Teacher didn't ask any. So everybody threw balls at each other. It was SO FUN!

Me: :-/ *dumbfounded* (Boys will be boys)

(Photos and video will be added later)

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