Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank You and See You Again!

Dear Families and Friends,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to catch up with us. We have enjoyed your company, friendship and love.

Special thanks to:
  • Kerwin & Corrine (bro & sis-in-law) for accommodating us in their home, picking us from the airport, generously lending us their car and giving our children their belated Christmas presents.
  • Mike, my elder brother for accommodating us in his home and generously buying us many delicious meals.
  • My parents for accommodating us and generously lending us their car.
  • Eric, my younger brother for giving my children a big 'ang pow' and taking time to spend Chinese New Year with us in Malaysia.
  • Parents-in-law for cooking the reunion dinner & taking the grandchildren to KLCC & Science Center
  • Ps Mark & Rose for their company at dinner and teaching us the game "King's Court". We had a lot of fun.
  • Andrew, Linda & children for their company at dinner
  • Angeline L for opening her home & our ex-cell group members for taking the time to meet up
  • My good and old friend, Suan Choo for taking me out for dinner, buying Sunway Lagoon tickets and spending the wee hours of morning chatting eventhough she has to work the next day
  • Paul T for organising the ISCA reunion.
  • Grace T, Mony, Cheng Hock and Jason T for your fellowship.
  • Ai Sim for organising the get-together with Lim, Linda, Gan (BFC parents) at her home
  • Amelya & children, Mony & children & Wai Leng's children for joining us at Sunway Lagoon
We have enjoyed our trip in Malaysia. We hope to either see you in Malaysia for our next trip or have you visit us in Bangkok.

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