Monday, February 25, 2008

I Am Going For The Travel Exhibition

Last Sunday whilst having lunch, we arranged the logistics necessary so that we can go for the travel exhibition this upcoming Saturday. SH, Chris S., hubby & I will be going. We are hoping to get some good deals for our upcoming trip.

CY will be baby-sitting ALL the children. His own 2 children, Chris S.'s 2 boys and my 2 boys. That equals 6 children!!!

Poor CY. Thanks for baby-sitting. We will buy you some Tom Yum Kung, OK?


CY said...

No problem, Chris. Jsut make sure you put LOTS of Kung inside OK? Anyway, thanks for the crispy Twisties and Mamee from KL. That alone is enough. Yummy.

Eagles' Wings said...

Thanks CY. Glad to feed your Malaysian appetite ;-)

JO-N said...

It's so nice to have somebody to babysit for you. I have missed a lot. Have been busy lately.