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Day 7 - Holiday in Mae Hong Son, North Thailand

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27 December 2007, Thursday

Today is our 3rd day into the guided tour. We are ready to move on to Mae Hong Son.

Fish Cave

This place is a popular tourist destination but unfortunately, it was too mundane for me. There were a few large fishes and clips of the Queen of Thailand visiting the place. Other than that, I am not too impressed. So, if you have to choose your itinerary to Mae Hong Son, just skip this.

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After lunch, we went to the Mae Hong Son market, Keng, our tour guide had to purchase some stuffs to cook for our dinner and breakfast. We are going to stay in the Long Neck village tonight! Isn't that exciting? I have heard so much about this tribe.

We took a 15 mins boat ride to the Long Neck Hilltribe

Long Neck Hill Tribe (Kayan)

Eventhough the Long Neck Hill Tribe lives in wooden shacks, yet, I noticed that they are cleaner and more organised than the other tribes. Apparently, the villagers has been "trained" for tourism. They are not shy, readily and willingly take photo with visitors, when asked.

Similar to the Lahu and Lisu tribe, they are not allowed to leave the village. The only way they are able to make a living is by making their own crafts e.g. scarf, guitar and selling various things which they obtain from Myanmar. The Myanmar border is not too far away from where they stay, so, I guess it will not be too difficult for them to smuggle in some products. I was interested to go but according to Keng, our tour guide, its dangerous. So we aborted the idea. Its about 30 mins boat ride from the Long Neck Hill tribe village.

The entrance to the village

They are very good at handicraft

Church built by missionaries

To pass time, the village girls play Volleyball

Our accommodation for the night

Mattress, mosquietoe netting, blanket.... better than expected

Keng, our tour guide and cook

There is a community area which is specially prepared for visitors. So, we had our dinner there. When we finish dinner, we were promised some presentations. Oh, this will be interesting! But first, dinner.

In 1.5 hours, he whipped out 6 dishes! Fried chicken, sweet & sour chicken, fried egg, tom yum, vegetable and soup

The village children gathering around the campfire

My children were so fascinated with the campfire that they played there for hours.... literally. Collecting dried wood and leaves to burn. Things that city people don't get to do.

Presentation by the Villagers

I was pulled in by the dancers to dance with them... Not bad. A natural. Ha ha

The Villagers played, sang and danced till late. Even after we retired to bed. I guess there are little for entertainment here.

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