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Day 6 - Holiday in Pai, North Thailand

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26 December 2007


We spent 2 nights in Pai before we move on to Mae Hong Son. Today is our 2nd night.

The weather in the morning was very cold. In order to keep warm, I took a hot shower. We had breakfast then headed towards Lod Cave.

Lod Cave
The novelty of the visit was the raft experience. The cave itself is very normal , nothing special. The interesting thing was sitting on a raft which was manually pulled by a man. Each raft was B400.

Lod Cave consisted of 3 caves. The last one was called Coffin cave due to the many deaths in WWII. After finishing the 2nd cave, I told the lady guide that I didn't want to go to Coffin Cave, she seemed happy and puzzled at the same time. It must be creepy going into that cave.

Visit my online album on The Lod Cave.

Lisu Hilltribe
The journey to the Lisu Hilltribe was rocky. We had to go off-road to reach it. Upon reaching the village, it was deserted except for some wild boars, chicken, a few children and an old lady. The rest of the adults has gone to work.

A very hardworking tribe, I must admit. They go across the hill to farm rice, vegetables and etc.

We didn't have much goodies with us except some biscuits, chocolates and sweet. So, we gave them whatever we had.

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Lahu Hilltribe
The Lahu tribe was not very far from the Lisu. They are a tribe from Myanmar which came to Thailand 20 years ago. The Lisu has to remain within the village. Since they are not officially Thai citizen, they are not free to move around Thailand or work. All along the way, we saw many army personnel with barricade. We were not sure why until now. This must be a land 'flowing with milk and honey'.

Before going to the village, we purchased some snacks for the children.

Cebu, his wife and two children host groups of people from The Peak Adventure tour. That is one of the way he earns some money. Keng, our guide disappeared and we later discovered he was busily cooking in the kitchen. He came out with a plate for rice and egg for Ethaniel, which I ate. It reminded me of the cooking by my Grandmother, using firewood. The food is very delicious, different from the normal taste of food cooked with gas or electricity. We stayed for 2 hours while Cebu cooked some sticky rice desert inserted into bambo.

Cebu making the sticky rice in bamboo

The kitchen where Keng cooked the food

The food half eaten. Yummy!
A photo with Cebu and family

The Lahu people

The Project
The life lived by the Lahu and Lisu is quite pitiful. They are not allowed to move out of the village to work, therefore, the poverty. They are very hardworking but lack the opportunity. One of the Lahu woman approached me to purchase her handmade bag which I did. Just to support her family and her.

I am planning to return to the tribe some time in the middle of the year to bring them some necessities e.g. clothings, books, toys and maybe some foodstuff. Its a project I intend to embark as a family and hopefully some friends too.

If you are interested to contribute, let me know.

Visit my online album on the Lahu Tribe.

Hot Water Spring
The day ended with a nice dip in the hot water spring. Oooo, the weather was very cold and it was almost 7pm when we finished.

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Agnes said...

Nice place to visit! I love it! maybe should think about visit there one day.

Agnes said...

We should help them! I love to do it but i'm too far to go now. I always wanted to bring my kids to visit this kind of places so they will know how lucky are they.

Eagles' Wings said...

The place is very nice and beautiful. Around Nov and Dec is the best time to go. Make a trip the next time you return to Malaysia for holidays. Many Airasia flights to Chiang Mai.

Eagles' Wings said...

You are right. We have to help. This people do not get any help from the Government of Thai or UN. Will keep you updated re my project.

CY said...

Count us in, Chris. I am always interested in projects like this.

allthingspurple said...

Hi Chris, I think i visited your blog before, not sure. But wow !!! this is an interesting post! I would love to be able to bring my kids visit tribal villages too. Have you been to any in Malaysia? If so, can you show me some links that I can look up to?

Eagles' Wings said...

Will definitely include you! Thanks for offering.

Eagles' Wings said...

Sorry for the delayed response. Too much CNY!

Thanks for visiting my blog. We have been to orang asli villages in Malaysia. If you are interested, there is a person by the name of Ps Timothy who actively helps these people in various ways. Pass me your email address and I will forward it to you.

allthingspurple said...

hey, thanks. My email is

read about your visit in Malaysia.hee hee..what a food spree you went on, yea?