Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paranoid? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Malaysians were fed with stories of Thailand about drug trafficking, prostitution, Malaysian children abducted, limps chopped and forced to be beggars and prostitutes and many other scary tales which we read via internet or hear through our relatives.

It was really bad publicity. Till today, the stigma remained of Thailand. I do not know if the stories are true or not. Or was it some kind of scam to stop Malaysian men from coming to Thailand, for good reasons.

Since I arrived in Thailand, my personal experiences contradict what I have heard about this country. Yes, there are snatch thieves. Murder. Rape. All the things which happens in Malaysia. The awkward thing is that, its not as rampant as the crime rate in Malaysia.

In fact, when I was back in Malaysia during the Chinese New Year holidays, I was SO paranoid and conscious of my handbag and personal safety that it was really no joke.

I was at a friend's open house celebration in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. After we finished, a security guard on motorcycle warned that there were snatch thieves who preyed on two victims, few rows away from where we were. He told us to be careful of our belongings. *Sigh* What is happening to my beloved country?

Many of the friends who visited us last year raised the same question about Thailand. I don't blame them. I used to be one of them. In actual fact, you don't have to be more careful in Thailand than any other country you visit. As a matter of fact, I feel quite safe traveling in Thailand comparatively in Malaysia.


CY said...

I second to that. Thailand is such a lovely place to stay in, isn't it? In fact, I also did post the same subject long time back and this is another Msian echoing my sentiments.

Eagles' Wings said...

Unfortunately the condition back in Malaysia is pretty sad. I fear for my safety, often.

Kellan said...

I would love to visit Thailand - I'm glad to hear that you find it so enjoyable and are comfortable there - that is great! You know the media makes so much about things, it's so hard to tell where they exaggerate and where they don't. Take care - Kellan

GarGies said...

Thanks for your kind note in my blog.

Agnes said...

You are right? M'sia now day is not a really safe place to stay. After I move here with my kids I can really have a good sleep at night. I dun have to worry about break in when i'm alone at home. I really enjoy staying here.

Eagles' Wings said...

I am glad that is relatively safer in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, things are not good back home... sigh