Monday, February 18, 2008

Home Safely

Standing at the front door of our home in Bangkok at 11pm, local time......

Joel: Oh! I am soooo glad to be back!!!

Me: Why?

Joel: Because I have my smelly pillow, bolster, blanket... my bed... Ooooo... My air-cond. Oh yeah..

Ethaniel: Yes, me too!

Joel: Home sweet home...

I echo their sentiments. I am very glad to be back home.

There are heaps of laundry. So, back to routine tomorrow. The children will most probably have a break from school work and help me with the laundry and cleaning.

Oh well, that's the downside of being back home....


Kellan said...

Welcome home - those are some pretty darn good reasons, aren't they? Take care - and have a good Monday - Kellan

Eagles' Wings said...

Thank you, Kellan. Its one of the best reasons I know.