Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be Courages, My Sons!

I drove out today at about 7.15pm to go out for dinner with the children. On the way out, I saw a young man and woman walking together. But it didn't look like a intimate man-hand-over-woman-shoulder walk. Instead, it was more like the man was trying to forcefully make the woman move forward by putting his arms around her shoulder and neck.

I didn't know what was happening.

It didn't look normal, to me.

My instinct tells me, that something is not right.

The road was very dark. So, I horned. A short but loud one. I stopped my car directly behind them and tailed them slowly. They didn't turn .

They kept walking.

I horned again. This time longer. I put on high beam and this time, a warning horn... short and a few times.

At last, he broke his grip over her shoulder and neck. She was free and started to scold him and moved away. He briefly stared at my car and walked away.

I explained to my sons what I did and why I did it.... We must help those who might be in trouble. Stand up for the underdogs. Protect the rights of the innocent. Jesus has given us many examples to live by and we are His followers. So, follow!

Be courageous my Sons! Never be indifferent.


irish daisies said...

:) so sweet and christian of you to help her in her need. God Bless

shoppingmum said...

You are very brave! And helpful.

Angela said...

I bet she was thankful for that.

I am glad you stayed in your car though.

JO-N said...

That was a nice thing to do and your boys did learn a wonderful lesson from it.

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