Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day

My family and I are leaving Bangkok tomorrow.

It feels weird having a countdown... 2 more days... 1 more day... to leave.

Rather than thinking about all the things I will miss, I want to Thank God for all the things and people I have enjoyed throughout my stay in Thailand.

God has blessed me with so many good friends here.... and you are one of them.

One more day and I am leaving.....
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shoppingmum said...

have a safe trip home. :)

andrew said...

hey christina, nice blog..colors and all. Looks like we be seeing more of you all. The boys are looking all grown up and handsome, Ivan cool with the little greyin'at the sides. and you as youthful as ever (you can buy me chay kueh teow later..)Good to hear you found a place and Ivan the job. Look forward to you guys. Welcome Home!!!