Friday, February 27, 2009

We Arrived in Malaysia

We arrived in Malaysia at about 12am on Thursday and reached home almost 2am. That's what happens when you try to get a promotional rate via Airasia for THB299. Haha. For a family of four, it did not cost more than THB5,000 / RM500 for a one way trip to Kuala Lumpur. For the last 3 years, we have been on Thai Airways that Ethaniel (7+ years old) was so used to it. So, this little boy was expecting free drinks and food. Unlimited coca-cola, sprite and Pepsi. I told him that Airasia charge for their food. He frowned a little and said, "The other airplane gives free food." That happened when the Company paid.

With a wide smile on my face, I tried to explain to him that the cost of food has been incorporated into the flight ticket at Thai Airways. He seemed to understand but still not very pleased. Come on, you should be happy we don't have to take a 48 hours train / bus ride back to Malaysia.

We bought a bottle of mineral water for THB60/RM6 and since the Nasi Lemak was finished, the boys ordered a bowl of Maggi Noodles. Honestly, we had a full meal before boarding at the Foodcourt in the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Joel had 2 bowls of noodle, Ethaniel had 2 bowls of noodle plus some of my Deep Fried Som Tam. Where does all those food go? Or... Is plane food that yummy to children?

Our first day in Malaysia, we feasted on Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Rojak, ice lemon tea (mamak style), teh tarik (tea), Milo ice (mamak style) and Maggi Mee Goreng. That was just brunch. Dinner we had black noodles, fried rice and hor fun.

It has been a feasting 2 weeks. Non-stop eating at farewells in Bangkok and then back to Malaysia, feasting again on Malaysian food. This time the craving for Malaysian food was not strong because its no rush. I am back to stay. I can take my time to eat all those food.

We visited our newly rented home. Its an old house which needed some touch-up. They were doing painting and polishing of the parquet flooring. After seeing it, Joel said, "It sure needs a good clean up!" It was dusty everywhere, the garden unkept and the back area had rusty fencing. But I am sure with some help from us, as a team, it will be as homely as can be. I like the location mostly. Its a 5-10 mins walk to a foodcourt, clinic, pharmacy, grocery shop, photocopy shop, photoshop, petrol station, hair cut and about 15 mins walk to a major shopping mall. This will be great as we are still looking for a car to purchase. The convenience will be a great help.

The children seems to be doing OK.

I am OK too. I have had 4 months to prepare to return to Malaysia, anyway.


I had a very teary departure at the farewell given by Mary and then again when we left her home to head towards the Airport. It was very sad to leave such a good friend and all the good friends I had in Thailand.

I shall be back.


Anonymous said...

Oooh all the yummy food! Hope house will be ready soon and your team will enjoy both the process and fruit of their labour! Cherios. The Laus from errr Singapore.

Bernadeth Romero said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful experience of your family. We are missing you already and will surely going to miss a very good photographer this coming Gospel concer of MM.

And I'm sure your new home will be homeeeeeeeeeey! You guys are a great Team + GOD = HOME

God bless you always and we'll see you in June.

Bernadeth, Benjie, Joshua & Patricia