Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 11 - Golden Triangle

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We left early towards Golden Triangle and arrived there around lunch time.

Map showing the Golden Triangle

Many boats ferrying tourist

The children really enjoyed the boat ride... It was fast and exciting for these boys

Even the adults are enjoying themselves

The Golden Triangle is the meeting of 3 rivers, Laos, Burma and Thailand. It was interesting. We took a speed boat which fits 4 persons for about THB400. According to my Thai friend, we have been cheated. For that price we could have had a two hour ride to Laos. Instead we had a 15 mins towards one side of the river near to the Casino and then to the side of Laos for 1 hour of shopping. The shopping was lousy! It was a waste of time. The products was similar to Thai and nothing really interesting.

We prayed along the river, so that God will bless all these 3 countries.

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shoppingmum said...

I wanted to go there, but it's too far and long journey for my kids. So maybe next time. Thanks for letting me know about the price of the boat ride!