Friday, February 6, 2009

Thai Food

Before I came to Thailand, I was a real Malaysian. I loved everything Malaysian. Especially food. Joel, my eldest boy he is an even bigger fan of food. A real connoisseur. Together, we enjoyed food immensely! He is the one who pushes me to do better at cooking. Praises me after a satisfied meal and hugs me when I cook his favorite dishes. I know I reached his heart when I cooked his favorite food. Ethaniel loves food too but not as much as Joel.

Indian food... love it!

Chinese food... love it!

Malay food... love it!

Japanese food... love it!

Italian food... love it!

Mexican food... love it!

Tex-Mex... love it!

Middle Eastern food... love it!

One thing about Malaysians or is it this family(?), we are so adaptable and exposed to so many types of food that, we can be thrown into any society and thrive. Its unfortunate that we are thriving here. My children and I, anyway. We have grown to love the Thai food like Tom Yum Gung (Prawn Tom Yum Soup), Kaeng Khiao wan - Khanom Chin (Green curry with Noodles) Som Tum Thai (Papaya Salad), BBQ chicken with sticky rice (how we love that!), pad thai (Fried Noodles) and many more!

Three years ago, before I arrived in Thailand, I totally disliked the Green Curry but now I have a serious addiction to it. Sigh. Where am I going to find a THB25 plate of Khanom Chin in Malaysia? Any idea?

I have gotta to go and learn some Thai recipes. Anyone out there... help?

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shoppingmum said...

You are right about Thai food, once you like it, it's like "following you forever". I haven't prepared any Thai dishes at home as my kids don't really like them, so hubby and I eat out if we crave for it. But my Thai SIL is a great cook, and she makes marvelous Thai dishes! Not to mention, it's super spicy.