Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 12 - Mae Fah Luang

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Mae Fah Luang in Doi Tung, North Thailand is the King's Mother's Project. Her palace is also there... Because she was in Switzerland for many years, she probably loved the swiss cottages so much that she built one for herself.

We took many photos there...

We went there around late morning and paid a fee of THB130 which allowed us go into the main flower cultivation and the King Mother’s Palace.

The beautiful flowers was so amazingly magnificent. The creativity of the gardeners was so amazing in mixing the various different colors of flowers in a decoration of garden…. I felt that I was in the garden of Eden! I was amazed!

I could have just needed a cup of drink, a book and a lazy chair for me to sit there the whole day basking in the beauty of the creation of God.How could have evolution created such delicate, creative and colourful petals such as these? Indeed, God does love beautiful things. That is why He created me too.

There are all kinds of flowers of so many species. There are so many things to see that half a day was a hurry.

We stayed overnight in Mae Sai and during the night, we visited the Mae Sai night market. Its not as good as the day market. During the day, there were so many more stalls and the goods here are considerably cheaper than Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

After Mae Sai, we journeyed towards Phayao and then Phitsanulok and then Nakhon Nayok and then to home. The reason we went to those places were to break the journey. It was at least 13 hours if we go through to Bangkok. So, we broke the journey into 2-3 days.

Phew! At last I managed to finish the blog on this trip! Woohoo!

P.S. I will be posting more photos of Mae Fah Luang.

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