Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 10 - On The Way To Mae Sai

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I know I am a little slow on finishing the blog on my trip but thanks for bearing with me.... trying to fit the packing & blogging schedule in ;-)

Anyway, continuation..... Day 10...

We headed towards Mae Sai via Chiang Mai after lunch, it was going to be a long drive. At around 5.00pm we still have not reached our destination. So, we decided to stay overnight at a place we discovered on the way, The Charin Resort. It was a very pleasant surprise. Its about 1 hour from Chiang Rai.

They had a restaurant and a corner full of pastries and pies, baked by their own kitchen. The owner of the place spoke fluent English and was very friendly. We were so excited that we skipped dinner by eating their cheese cake, chicken pie, apple crumble and brownie. It was absolutely delicious that we ate it again for dessert at breakfast.

Its cute that they have a mini zoo with mostly birds. The peacock spread his beautiful flowers to show off and it was so beautiful.

The accommodation

The parrot

Beautiful peacock

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