Thursday, February 19, 2009

PADI Certified Young Man!

So handsome my son

He passed it! He passed it! Phew!

He didn't do much of reading of his manual and I was worried how he would fare at his exams. I told him that if he failed, he will have to pay the THB12,200 himself! He was nervous, I tell ya.

I was so glad and really proud of him. He passed and the instructor said that he is a confident diver. Of course lah! My son. I was almost pissing in my pants, earlier.

I think scuba diving is a very special experience and he is very fortunate to be able to experience that at a young age. I hope he will become a serious diver because it gives him many opportunities to see the beauty of God's creation. Who knows he might even pick up a career related to scuba diving.

Well done, Joel! I am proud of you. My son.

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Angela said...

That's awesome!

Corinne Jansz said...

yeah, macho in his suit and all, hmm, better think of keeping him away from girls now! LOL

irish daisies said...

that is wonderful. and congrats to him

LL Goh said...

Well done and congratulations Joel. When you can tell me more about your experience. How did it feel to see the ocean from a totally different perspective?