Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Simple Things Can Be So Great!

Since we moved out of our house, we have been staying with Mary in the middle of Bangkok city. Just outside her Soi there are heaps of food stalls and the food is ridiculously cheap.

We eat a bowl of noodles "Lad na" for THB25 and a plate of fried vegetables is THB30. This will normally cost THB90-THB120 in a restaurant. My goodness!

So, this afternoon we ate there. Ethaniel and I. He had his favorite "Lad Na" which is similar to "yin yong" in Malaysia or "Hor fun" in Hong Kong. Of course to make his meal complete we had his favorite drink Oishi Black Tea.

I really enjoyed his company because he was just smiling away... saying that he loved his food so much... It was so delicious.... He could have it for the rest of his life.... He can eat it for breakfast and lunch...

"Thank you, Mummy for taking me out for lunch"

The smile on his face was priceless. His joy and contentment was so contagious that by just looking at him, I am filled with joy.

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