Sunday, February 1, 2009

A "Good Bye" Email

I sent the following email to friends whom I met in Thailand, just to let them know that I am leaving soon. A simple message but truly from my heart....


Dear Friends,

The last few months has been a difficult & uncertain time in our life. Some or most of you already know that Ivan, my husband was retrenched early Nov 08. Ever since then he has been looking for a job here in Bangkok but nothing seems concrete. So, the time has come for us to move on and return to our home country, Malaysia. We are not sure what the future holds but we trust God that when we give Him our every need, He will take care of us.

If given the opportunity, we would have loved to stay... We have grown to love this neighbor country, Thailand, the land of smiles immensely. The food! The food!!! We would miss the tom yum gung, green curry, som tam, pad ka paw, bbq chicken with sticky rice and most of all, the fresh fruits which can be purchased cheaply at the market. Being able to eat a meal for THB15. Lol... Impossible in Malaysia.

We would love to meet up and catch up before we leave but if it be so unfortunate that we missed the opportunity and did not manage to say proper good byes, we want you to know that we see our life in Thailand like a huge jigsaw puzzle which God has given to us and you/your family are that one piece, regardless of how large or small the piece is, which perfected the picture.

Our hearts are heavy, having to part ways. As we have discovered, a place is just a place but its the company that makes it fun! We have been so blessed with this brief encounter with you in this past 3 years. Our stay here has been so memorable, adventurous, sweet, exciting because of you.... There is a reason why God has allowed our path to cross, for whatever reason, our life in Thailand have been enriched and we hope that we also have been a blessing to you/your family. A small piece of jigsaw puzzle in the journey of your life, as well.

We would like to wish you all of God's blessing, love, grace and mercy to follow you all the days of your life.

Let's not forget to keep in touch.... Please visit my blog www.psalmone21.blogspot, as I continue the next phase of the Journey of My Life.

Please call on us when you visit Malaysia for work or holiday, we would love to catch up!


shoppingmum said...

I just saw your email. All the best to you and your family, and I will still be reading your blog from here.

irish daisies said...

have a sagfe trip and God Bless you all

Uncle Lee said...

Wow! Really a beautiful, eloquent goodbye....heartwarming too.
Wishing you the very best of the Ox year, best regards, Lee.

CY said...

Hi Chris and Ivan. We are always so reluctant to see close friend goes off but we know that somehow, our path will cross again and we look forward to see you back again in Thailand. Take very good care of yourself and the family and good luck to Ivan. CY

Dr Doom said...

i want go 2 thai..