Monday, February 2, 2009

Clearing Stuffs

You know, sorting things out is a real tough job. There has not been many occasions in my life whereby I have to do such major sorting.

I have moved house once after I was married, then relocation to Bangkok, 3 years ago. So, I didn't really have that many opportunities to get rid of my junks, sort out my things, I mean.

This time round, I just want to make sure those XS sizes which I used to own will go to someone who will benefit it. Any of you out there like me? Keeping those clothes, hoping that eventually you will fit into them.... like after this crash diet?

After awhile, I kinda got the idea that I wasn't going to get into them. You know, the denial stage over and facing reality.

Its interesting what I find beneath those heaps.... Will let you know when I get the time.


Angela said...

My parents always collected so much stuff
So now I have a fear of over crowding I want to get rid of this and that. Thankfully my husband finds places for things that want to get rid of

JO-N said...

Hahaha, I think I keep boxes more than I keep my clothes. You know, someone told me that she would give away clothes that she seldom wears every time she buys new ones.

Chris, I can imagine how slim you were. XS, wow!