Sunday, February 15, 2009

Palong Website

Those of you who have been reading about my Mission Trips to the Palong Village, North of Thailand. There is now opportunities for you to help these people.

You might or might not be able to go there but there are few things you can do... One, is to pray and two, you can contribute financially to support the children in the hostel who has to go to school - school supplies, uniforms, daily food and lodging. Among other things.

I have promised Pastor Suriya the pastor-in-charge of the Hostel to create a simple website. They need outsider help. Please do visit the simple blog which I have created for them. The information inside is useful to inform others of their needs and other stuffs about them.

Eventhough I am leaving by end February 2009 to return to Malaysia, I have agreed to help them update the blog from wherever I am.

Its really funny how the little talent that I have regards to the computer, God has multiplied it. I have no formal IT training but I love playing around with the computer. So, my blogging hasn't wasted time. It is helping others. I hope that God will help the Palong people.

So, please visit the website and if you would like to visit their village or make contribution, there are details included.

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