Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Job!

The Movers sent 5 packers and a Supervisor on the first day and at the end of the 2nd day there were 10 personnel loading and packing everything. They did their job as if they were born packers. Amazing!

The reason we engaged Allied Pickford was because we knew Neil from Bangkok Soccer League when we initially came and then they started homeschooling their children. So, we got together more often even when my children stopped going for the soccer training.

I am glad I engaged their services. They did well.

The children having a photo shot with the Allied Pickfords banner

The children really enjoyed fooling around ... even a hide-and-seek game

My goodness! How high....

The "little house" beside the house

The packing took 2 full days. The first day they ended at 4.30pm and the 2nd day they finished at 6pm. We initially estimated our goods at 20 ft container but after all the packing, it exceeded. So, we decided to get a 40 ft container.

The goods will take 3 weeks to reach Malaysia inclusive of paper work, clearance and etc.

I hope the unpacking and all will be as good as this. I hope the Malaysian side will not disappoint us. The Thai packers had been excellent.

We are so thankful to God for such a smooth two day - 10 and 11 Feb.... After that, we have to leave the house and stay at our friend's home. Then, catching up with friends, bidding farewells, etc. We have already had our first few rounds of farewell lunch and dinner. After this, almost every lunch and dinner will be packed with farewell get-togethers. Can get quite fun and depressing all at the same time.

Sigh. Part and parcel of the transition process.

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shoppingmum said...

Now only i know got such service...

irish daisies said...

best of luck on your move. your house looked like mine about 4 months ago. looking forward to getting a house and to get our boxes back AND make a great fort ;) i might be 40 but you are never to old for a fort!