Sunday, February 22, 2009

Will You Miss ....?

During the farewell dinner hosted by Sophia and Bernard tonight, she asked Ethaniel the following questions....

Sophia: Are you going to miss Josh?

Ethaniel: No.

Sophia: Why?

Ethaniel: Because he is going to visit me.

Me: If you miss him is it because you enjoy his PSP games?

Ethaniel: Noooooo! He is my best friend.


Mummy was embarrassed to even have suggested that this 7+ years old boy had ulterior motives.

So shameful.

Just because we adult sometimes have not-so-innocent motives, doesn't mean this little boy does too. Honestly, he is a very good, loyal, give-and-take and kind friend. I would like to have a friend like him.

I should have more faith in this little boy of mine.

Sorry, Ethaniel.

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JO-N said...

He's going to be your best friend as well.