Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How To Say Good bye?

How do you say goodbye to a house?

Kiss it?

Hug it?

Gives it a pat on the.... door? window? floor? gate? roof???

Write a "Thank You" note?

So, how do one say goodbye?

When we came here almost 3 years ago, we stayed at Royal Princess Hotel, Srinakarin for almost 3 long weeks. We expected to stay only for 1 week but there were delays of our goods. Not fun, I tell ya. It was lunch and dinner everyday at Seacon Square. After 3 weeks, I had nightmare of getting lost in Seacon Square Mall... I actually go there for a breather. How do you stay in a hotel room with 2 boys of 4+ and 9+ years old for 3 weeks? Who also incidentally had wiggles in their butts!

Eventually the goods arrived! Hallelujah!!!

The Landlord installed 2 air-conds and the rest of the stuffs we either brought it from Malaysia or purchased it ourselves. The house was a brand new bungalow in a brand new Mooban. We were the first few who came to stay. The place was creepily quiet at nite and blasting loud during the daytime due to constructions and renovations.

Fast forward.

1 year ...

2 years ...

and 10 months...

Time to go... to leave....

Goodbye P Sa, my back neighbor. Extremely friendly and nice neighbor.

Goodbye Air Stewardess from Thaiaways, my front neighbor. Who gives sweets to my sons.

Goodbye weird-bachelor-with-messy-house-who-brings-ridiculously-young-girls-home. Whom I discovered is a doctor. I blogged about him a few months ago. Read it here.

Goodbye K Anna who is retired. I was her neighbor cum counsellor.

Goodbye K Tim & K Ja who are International School teachers. Great sense of humor and makes me laugh. Their children are georgeous!!!

Goodbye Next-Door-Neighbor-Who-Is-Never-At-Home. Thanks for being such a peaceful neighbor.

*heavy heart*

*sad eyes*

*caressing the door knob*

Good bye.

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Corinne Jansz said...

Wow! that is a beautiful house to say goodbye to.