Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Moving Day

Its finally here.... The Moving Day.

We are finally having our things all packed up. Put into the box, wrapped, sealed and shipped. I make it sound like hard work but its really a supervisory job. I am just worried that I accidentally pack something I need for the next 1 month. That's my only concern.

Its going to be 2 days of packing. Yes, I know. There's heaps of things. I brought my whole house here 3 years ago and now I am taking my whole house back. I am leaving somethings behind, giving it to my friends. But the rest is coming with me!

Its going to be an interesting day...

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irish daisies said...

hugs to you on this move. I know just what you are talking about packing something you need. LOL after 3 1/2 month of not having our things I'm starting to forget what i HAVE in storage. hugs on your new chapter in your life