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Day 1 - Holiday to Tak, Thailand

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On 21 December 2007, Friday

We began our road journey towards the North of Thailand. Our destination is Chiang Mai, but we wanted to break the journey due to the distance. Its a total of about 653 km from Bangkok. This will be the first of many parts of my blog on our travel.

We had already traveled for about 3 hours, the children needed a breather and stretch, so we decided to stop at the Khaosanamprieng Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Very unique but deserted

Map of the trail in Thai - didn't understand it

Unfortunately it was very deserted and not well kept. Its very unusual for a tourist area to look like that.

So, we were there for a short while and moved on to Tak.
We did not go into the town itself but drove towards Lan Sang National Park. We arrived at about 3 pm. It was a great choice because the place was absolutely peaceful and beautiful. The cost of the entrance fee is B40 for adult and B20 for children (local fees). Foreigners have to pay B200 for adult and B100 for children.

We rented a family chalet. It was B500 (RM50). It was very clean, with 2 beds and 3 extra mattresses, hot water flask and water heater. We ate Mama noodles for dinner. There was no TV, so we played UNO.

The waterfall was so beautiful. It was a Friday, so the place was not crowded. After check in, we immediately went to the nearest waterfall which was 5 mins walk away. The water was very cold but clear.

After check in we went to the waterfall to swim

I went exploring to higher parts of the waterfall

The water was freezing... That's part of the fun in splashing ;-)

Trying to pull Joel into the water

He out-smarted me by 'cimbing onto me'

Enjoying the cold water

Spa ... scrubbing the natural and cheap way

The next morning, we trekked to a Papueng waterfall which was about 750m. It was a long walk but it was worth it because the waterfall was beautiful and we had a lot of fun playing in the water and "building dam".

Walked the 750m trail

Very nice and quiet... still freezing cold

Beautiful scenery!

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