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Day 2 - Mae Sot, Thailand

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22 December 2007, Saturday

We checked out from Lang San National Park at about 12.15pm. We were curious about Mae Sot, which was 1.5 hrs away, border of Burma. Its not on the way to Chiang Mai, more like a detour but since we had the time, we headed towards Mae Sot.

The journey to Mae Sot was windy and scenic. Its definitely not as narrow as Pai or Mae Hong Son. Along the way, we stopped at a local market for shopping and lunch.

The restaurant

Beautiful flowers for sale

The children admiring the large pumpkins

Local products

Interesting seed, don't know the name

All kinds of fresh vegetables

More local produce

Scenery along the way

Upon reaching Mae Sot, we were not sure if there were accommodations. We managed to find Wattana Village Resort, tucked in the middle of no where, by chance. Its a pleasant place, about 5 mins from the town. Its a simple place with swimming pool, receptionist who can speak English and even wi-fi (wow!). It was B1,200 (RM120) per night for four of us. There was 2 single beds. We joint it together. The children and I slept on the bed, whilst Ivan slept on the camp bed. I was so touched that Joel gave me his pillow.

We had the best massage the whole trip here. It was just B150 per hour. It helped to loosen some tense muscles resulting from the journey.

At night we went to the "Talad Nut" (night market). We always enjoy looking at local products whichever province we go. The market was large and things reasonably cheap. There were many Burmese selling flowers. I am not sure if they are legal or not but I have noticed police just outside of the market. It was enjoyable walking in the night market because the weather was cool and nice. The crowd was not overwhelming too.

The children saw their favorite fun fair game... Balloon slide... They played for 30 mins for B20 (RM2). They obviously had a great time! Its the most value for money fun fair game of all time!

I took a candid video of Ethaniel abusing the dinosaur

Favorite fun fair game

There was a Thai boy who had a palate lip and looked a little odd from the rest of the children. I noticed an older boy poking him and it was obvious that he was trying to intimidate. I have a soft heart for the 'underdog', so, with my limited Thai, I went over to them and told him "Mai Dai!" (cannot in Thai). He didn't budge and neither did I. He mumbled something in Thai (which I could not understand). We went on for a minute or two and I gave him a stern face, narrow eyebrow, tight lip and that did it... He walked away.

The boy with a palate lip
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