Sunday, January 6, 2008

3 in 1

5 January 2008, Saturday

We celebrated Christmas, New Year and my Wedding Anniversary with a dinner at Sizzlers. So cost effective, huh? 3 in 1.

Sizzlers is a franchise western food restaurant which can be found all over Bangkok, mostly in shopping complexes. Its really value for money because it has an extensive salad bar. They top up all the food even before it finishes. Nobody stares at you if you go for the 5oth helping. Unlike Malaysia, they will probably stare at you when you go for the 3rd round!

When you order a main meal ranging from B169 to B690, the buffet salad bar comes for free. If its just salad bar alone, without a main meal, its about B130 ( I think). We usually go for a main meal because its just extra B40. The salad bar has many varieties of salad, salad dressing, soups and desserts.

We like to go there because its really value for money.



more salads


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