Friday, January 4, 2008

Prayer of Blessings

I have been having problems with Eve (not her real name) for almost 6 months. I am not sure what I did which made her upset. It happened when she came for a holiday in Bangkok.

I was very puzzled and even had a few sleepless nights thinking about it. Of course I felt hurt because I have tried my best to be nice to her and couldn't think of any logical reason how our relationship could turn sour overnight! Thinking that the situation might improve by itself, I did not confront the situation. Unfortunately it did not go away...

After many months, I decided to call her and I did, 2 days ago. It was a simple conversation but I felt so much peace. As if something in the spiritual realm had broken through, for me.

In the last 6 months, I forgaved, asked for forgiveness but I still did not have peace. Just few days before the phone call, I was reading the book, "The Power of Spoken Blessings" by Bill Gottard. It says, to pray for the person or enemies and whoever you are encountering problems or struggles. I did. After that, I felt a change of heart. Its difficult to explain the feelings... A sense of freedom... That was when I had the courage to make the phone call.

So, it does work. In the bible, it says, to pray for our enemies. I think its for the benefit of us, not only the other person. Something happens which we do not understand in the spiritual realm.

You see, the principles of God does not change. Doesn't matter who is right or wrong but we need to make peace with EVERYONE. When we do the right thing, God will bless us. Doesn't matter if the other person doesn't accept or bless us in return. Just do the right thing, anyway. Its difficult to humble ourselves to make the first move but when we sow peace, we shall reap peace. Of course, when we sow jealousy, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, etc. we will also reap bountifully. There are enough hurts all around us, let us be the one who sows peace for 2008.

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