Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hello, Hello

The most frequent overseas calls we have is from my Mother and local call is Ivan.

At least once or twice in a week, I will hear my Mother's voice calling from her mobile to my house phone. Calling from Malaysia is about RM0.20 per min / B2 per min to Bangkok. She will call just to say "Hello" and to check if everything is alright with us. Often the calls are short, just to hear each other's voice. Of course, when there are reasons to call, especially if she is about to visit us in Bangkok, I sometimes gets 3 calls a day to confirm shopping list.

She is using a prepaid, therefore, she will utilise it before the end of each month, so, she uses those credit to contact her children. I know she calls my sister in Australia and brother in Singapore too. Well, that's a wonderful way of using mobile credits, I think. I am sure I will do that too when my children are grown and have their own lives. Just to say "Hello" if no other reasons at all.

Sometimes when you receive a call from someone, you know that there is something up because there are not many people who will call for no reason. But I know that when my Mother calls, its her way of saying "I miss you and care for you". Strangely, we have never exchanged verbal "I love you". In fact, we seldom hug except to say "Good bye" at airports. But I definitely feel her love through those phone calls.

When we were still in Malaysia, she would come over to my house in PJ and bring foodstuffs and she will cook the foods that my children and I like to eat. We will just hang out, watch TV, chat or window shop. We don't do much but she just likes to be around the children. She will also call, similar to what she is doing now. I remember, we used to do that with maternal Grandmother as well. Just hang out in her home, being around her and she was exhilarated to see us.

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