Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I absolutely need to blog this. I have to do it before I forget!

I took Joel and Ethaniel to the barber this evening. Before we left, I packed the food to feed the puppies. Joel came into the kitchen and said, "Mommy, Thank you for putting your hands into the sticky porridge and preparing it for the puppies to eat. You are such a kind Mommy and I love you." I felt good for his gratitude.

After finishing his haircut, on the way coming back home, Joel commented.

"Mommy, I noticed that you are very different since we came to Thailand. You are the perfect Mommy! Why are you so good? You seem to put God first in everything you do. God this, God that. You are so good except when you fight with Daddy but other than that, you are perfect! There is nothing wrong with anything you do!"

I was really deeply touched by his comments and it was such a great joy to hear that from him. You see, Joel does not know how to flatter. He is very limited in his expression, in fact, its difficult to get him to express his emotions. For him to express his love and gratitude, I know he really means it. I just have to check my heart, in case pride floods in ;-) but mostly its gratitude towards God for allowing the character of gratitude to fill my son's heart. Many of us take each other for granted.

I have had one loud quarrel with Ivan in the last 1 year, the rest are quiet ones ;-). Its just slightly louder than normal voice. But to Joel it's 'fighting'. To me its hardly worth mentioning. Imagine, I grew up in a home which does more than quarrel. Maybe I need some counselling or psychiatric help...

Children are so perceptive and he's only 11 years old. So, never underestimate what our children perceives. The things that we don't say, they have intuition.

I need to blog this so that during the days when I am 'down' and 'out', when I feel that being a homemaker is overwhelming, homeschooling is challenging, life is overcrowding and I need a boost of encouragement, I will read this blog. Then, I will remember, the day my 11 years old son showed his gratitude and love through a very touching verbal expression.

So, thank you Joel. Your words means so much to me. I thank God He has blessed me with you. I know the journey has not been easy. I know the journey WILL not be easy but I know that God will be there for us. Great and mighty things shall you do because God is with you. May the Lord shines His face upon you today and bless you, my son.

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