Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thailand vs Malaysia - Part 4

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This is contributed by my fellow Bangkokian, The Laus who incidentally was our inspiration to travel in Thailand.

  • Thailand - "kuey tiao" means noodles in general
  • Malaysia - "kuey tiao" means the flat white noodles


  • Thailand - This hotel is expensive => over USD$300/room/night
  • Malaysia - This hotel is expensive => USD$100/room/night
(The prices of hotel in Thailand is generally more expensive in Thailand,
comparatively than Malaysia)


Meanwhile.... it is possible to comment:
  • Thailand - This resort is of excellent value => USD$8 per room per night
  • Malaysia - USD$8 gives you a room above "kopitiam" (A coffee shop in Chinese dialect i.e. Hokkien)


  • Thailand - The supply of new design of goods in shops seems endless and extremely creative.
  • Malaysia - The supply of goods are mostly, "made in China", "made in Thailand", "made in Vietnam"....

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