Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thailand vs Malaysia - Part 1

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This is the beginning of a list of things which I noticed is different between Malaysia and Thailand. Its not necessary good or bad, just different. I will collate this list as I go along, so it will be in many different parts.
  • Thailand: You don't have to pay toll during public holidays when the traffic is heavy. The government close all the toll plaza, because they know the traffic flow is heavy. This really helps to clear the congestion and makes travelling enjoyable.
  • Malaysia: Toll booth are operational 24/7 - 365 days. All booth will be opened during public holidays. This often creates traffic congestion which will last for hours.
  • Thailand: If you don't pay your water bill for 3 months, they take your water meter.
  • Malaysia: If you don't pay your water bill for years, you will still have running water.
  • Thailand: You can pay most bills e.g. water, electricity, telephone, credit cards, etc. at the 7 Eleven shop. You will find 7 Eleven shops at almost every other street all over Thailand.
  • Malaysia: You can utilities at Post office. All others have to be paid to the individual companies.
  • Thailand: Government servants smiles at their customers.
  • Malaysia: Government servants don't smile at you unless you are a friend.

  • Thailand: Bank gives excellent services to customers with extremely warm and cordial behaviours.
  • Malaysia: Bank thinks you owe them money!
  • Thailand: Cost of taxi is much cheaper. They use meters 99% of the time. For the same distance in Malaysia you pay double.
  • Malaysia: Taxi overcharges most of the time and is extremely expensive.
  • Thailand: Local pays B40 and foreigners pay B200 to enter National Parks.
  • Malaysia: Locals and foreigners pays the same amount for most entrance fees.
  • Thailand: Entrance to Grand Palace is free for locals and B350 for foreigners.
  • Malaysia: No entrance. Just view from outside.
  • Thailand: You can eat a meal with B15 (RM1.50)
  • Malaysia: You can eat a meal with B35 (RM3.50) onwards.
  • Thailand: Speeding summon cost B200 and paid immediately to the police officer.
  • Malaysia: Speeding summons cost B3,000 (RM300) and have to be paid only at the Police Station.
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The Laus @ BkkVilla said...

Thailand - "kuey tiao" means noodles in general
Malaysia - "kuey tiao" means the flat white noodles

Thailand - this hotel is expensive => over USD$300/room/night
Malaysia - this hotel is expensive => USD$100/room/night

Meanwhile.... it is possible to comment:
Thailand - this resort is of excellent value => USD$8/room/night
Malaysia - USD$8 gives you a room above kopitiam.

Thailand - The supply of new design in shops seems endless. Extremely creative.
Malaysia - The supply of whatever ->"made in china", "made in thailand", "made in vietnam"....

Sujittra Pansuwan said...

I agree

Sujittra Pansuwan said...

I agree