Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Food Wish List

We will be going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. All of us have our cravings and food wish list....

Lets begin with mine:
  1. Asam pedas and young Jack fruit lemak from the Malay lady near Giant supermarket in PJ
  2. Indian rice from SS3
  3. Garlic cheese nun from a stall in Taman Mayang (near old Lim Kok Wing building) SS26?
  4. Mee Curry
  5. Chicken rice
  6. Hokkien Mee from Paramount Garden
  7. Yin Yong noodle
  8. Lok lok from Malacca
  9. Nasi lemak in packet
  10. Wan Tan Mee
Joel's list
  1. Asam pedas
  2. Mutton curry
  3. Mee Curry
  4. Paper Tosei
  5. Nasi lemak in packet
  6. Roti Canai
  7. Garlic cheese nun
  8. Coney dog from A & W
Ethaniel's list:
  1. Asam pedas
  2. Nasi lemak
  3. Paper Tosei
  4. Chicken rice
  5. Char Siew rice
Ivan's list:
  1. Char keow teow
  2. Mee goreng mamak
  3. Hong Kong chee cheong fun
  4. Mee curry
  5. CHENDOL!!!

I will come back with pictures and the sinful obesity which we will be indulging... Guilt? Not yet. Maybe after the trip to the weighting scale.


JO-N said...

You are from Malaysia? Hope you get to eat all those food listed.

Angeleyes said...

Hope you and your family have fun bak in M'sia!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Eagles' Wings said...

Thanks for dropping by again, Jo-N. I am a Malaysian and have been residing in Thailand since April 06. My hubby is working here.

Eagles' Wings said...

Angeleyes, you have a great blog. TQ for giving our recipes to all the "out-of-idea" women, like me. I will try one of your recipes and let you know, how I fair. Ha ha.

Are you based in Australia?

Deana E said...

wow..your hubby's list is mostly indian wonder you want the teh tarik recipe. simple, make like coffee but better to boil them instead of pouring hot water as boiling makes all the taste came out..good luck!! takes for dropping come again..and pls post pictures of your upcoming holiday food..may be i can try the next time i go down to pj or kl...i am in kk sabah but hubby from west malaysia.

Eagles' Wings said...

Deana e,
Joel is my son. He loves Indian food. Actually, all of us love Indian food.