Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Stories on Ethaniel than Joel?

My husband has been reading my blog and commented that I have more write up on Ethaniel than Joel. It's true.

I wish I started the blog much earlier, then, I would have more things on Joel. He is 11 going to 12 years old. Its not a cute age. He does more sensible things, more obedient, more responsible and more matured than Ethaniel. Maybe, I will flash back on some of the things which has happened in Joel's life last year. I know definitely there is a lot of learnings from there.

Ethaniel is the direct opposite of Joel. He is an extrovert, funny, disobedient, clownish, loud, annoyingly irritatingly expressively loving and he loves to entertain. So, inevitably there will be more write up on him. If you noticed from the photos, he is extremely cheeky and strangers take to him like magnets.

But still, I love them all the same. Its not easy for a parent to love her children all the same, its a conscious effort that I have to make. One of these days, I will share my story.

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