Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buying Belated Birthday Presents

B2S in Central Bang Na

Auntie Heather gave Joel and Ethaniel some Gift Vouchers from B2S Bookstore for their birthday presents and they have just managed to purchase their gifts, yesterday.

Joel wanted to purchase some Secret Seven books but they didn't have any. He absolutely loves ATV, so he saw a magazine and purchased it.

Its a large bookstore and sells all kinds of stuffs

A DVD game and ATV magazine

Transformer toy for Ethaniel. He WANTED it badly!

Upon reaching home, both Joel and Ethaniel dived into the challenge of building the Transformer. They both played the DVD game this evening and all the male in the home enjoyed the ATV magazine.

Thank you Heather, your Gift Vouchers has brought a lot of joy to Joel and Ethaniel. You should have seen them running around the store choosing their gifts. Ivan and I was sitting down there wishing we had the same opportunity when we were young. It was both great and tiring seeing them pacing around the store deciding their gifts.

Isn't it wonderful to be a child!!!!

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