Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free Online Children Story

My children loves... No. Let me correct myself. Addicted is more like it. They absolutely cannot live without listening to an audio story in a day. Its usually during lunch break and before they go to bed.

There are various program in just one website. They are:

  1. Down Gilead Lane (Audio story)
  2. The Pond (Audio story)
  3. Paws & Tales (Audio Story)
  4. Kids Corner
  5. Your story hour
  6. Karen and Kids
  7. We Kids (Songs and stories)
  8. His Kids Radio (Songs & Stories)
Focus on the family also has audio story and its updated everyday except Saturdays and Sundays. So, you have a new story everyday!
  1. Adventure in Odyssey (Focus on the family)

The stories are very well produced and most of them send my children and I cracking. It incorporates values into each story. My children have been listening to it for years now. They have learnt many things without actually realizing that they are learning. They just enjoy the stories. Their favorite character is Tony the Frog and Floyd the Turtle in The Pond.

The Ponds and Adventures in Odysseys are my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! Go online today to enjoy the free audio stories.

Note: As of 15 September, 2008, I have updated this post. There were some changes to the websites and the links.

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Rash Kath said...

Nice Story link shared by you.


Eagles' Wings said...

Rash Kath,
Thanks. I hope you enjoy it and share it with others. Its great. BTW, I really enjoy your website. My son have problems with Math. Maybe I will consult you every now and then. We are homeschoolers. Any tips?!

JO-N said...

Thanks for sharing this. My kids are into online stories now and this would be another great site to visit.

Eagles' Wings said...

You are welcome. Its great to be able to share this.