Thursday, January 17, 2008

Newspapers Bearer of Bad News

A girl was scratched and bruised by a puma in the Zoo Negara, Malaysia. Its kind of a big story in Malaysia due to the denial of responsibility by the Management of the Zoo. Unfortunately this has caused fear, like many articles in the newspapers. Of course this is not the only story which causes fear, in fact, the newspapers are bearer of bad news, everyday and all the time. So, when we read it, we should not allow fear to come into our life, caution, yes, but not fear.

I blogged a trip to Supan Buri sometime in early Dec 07, so, if you read it, it might cause fear.(shown below).

sleepy cubs

Ethaniel stroking the tail of the cubs

Others joining in the experience

caretaker feeding milk to the cubs

Usually the children are not prone to touch the animals especially the larger and fiercer looking ones but the ones in Supan Buri were pretty harmless and there were 2 caretakers in that cage. I do admire how the Thais takes care of animals. Most of them look very healthy, active and well-kept, unlike the ones in Malaysia. One thing about the Thais, they absolutely love animals. When you go to the zoo, the animals are very beautiful and well fed.

One thing about Ethaniel, he has so much of compassion and love for animals. Strangely, a lot of the animals warm up to him easily.

So, don't worry the next time you read my blog about the adventurous things my family and I do. I do not believe in being an overprotective parent. In fact, I let them experience many things... playing in the rain, rock climbing, playing in the freezing water falls, cooking at 10 years old, doing chores at 5 years old, riding ATVs, climbing a homemade ladder, scuba diving, white water rafting and etc. Falling is part of growing, tears is part of maturing and experiences enriches life. They seem to thrive in this environment!

You should try it sometime!

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