Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thailand vs Malaysia - Part 2

To read Thailand vs Malaysia - Part 1

My husband contributed to the below list:

  • Thailand : it’s ok NOT to wear helmet when riding motorcycles
  • Malaysia : must wear
  • Thailand : you can put 20 people behind a pickup truck.
  • Malaysia : illegal to put people
  • Thailand : 1st class operations/service for exhibitions. International standards.
  • Malaysia : MAS (mana ada system)
  • Thailand : English spoken & understood by 2% of population.
  • Malaysia : even the neneks (Grandmother in Bahasa Malaysia) can talk 'sikit' (a little in Bahasa Malaysia) English.


hooiluan said...

If you can't read/speak Thai (which has its own quiggly script), you are a mute and an illiterate in Thailand, since signs are normally posted in Thai only.

If you can't speak Malay (Roman alphabet) you can always try your luck with English/Tamil/Chinese and chances are you will be fine.


hooiluan said...

Chocolates are much cheaper in Thai supermarkets than in Malaysian supermarkets.

Chocolates are much more expensive in Thai airports than in Thai supermarkets.

Chocolates are slightly more expensive in Malaysian airports than in Malaysian supermarkets.

Eagles' Wings said...

Thanks hooiluan for your contribution. I will add it to the list of Thailand vs Malaysia