Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Turnips Grown in Thailand

This is a 3kg turnip which I purchased on the way returning from Kanchanaburi. Interesting eh? You will not get such large ones from Malaysia. I plan to cook "popiah" (Spring roll) in the next few days.

To those who are not familar with Malaysian "popiah" or spring roll. Its like a Lebanese bread but much thinner and you wrap turnip, cucumber, bean sprout, shallots, eggs, beancurd, lettuce, grounded peanuts (optional) and 'hoisin sauce'.

The Thais have spring rolls too but they replace all vegetable ingredients with glass noodles and something else, which I have no clue. You can only get turnip around October in Thailand. The rest of the year, I don't get to eat "popiah". Unless, I visit the market at Seri Centre, along Srinakarin road. The Hoisin sauce by Lee Kum Kee can be purchased at Seri Centre for B140 (RM14) per bottle. Its about B50 (RM5) per bottle in Malaysia.

The Thais usually eat turnip as a fruit, raw. Its usually very small, much smaller than the ones we get from China. Absolutely deliciously sweet and crunchy! Try some the next time you visit Thailand.
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CY said...

Hey Chris, dont forget us when the popiah is ready OK? Or the popiah has already been downed through the stomach and has drained off via the colon and is already history? Haha.

Eagles' Wings said...

OK. OK. I was thinking about you too. But unfortunately you are going for holiday to Korea. Oops, to work in Korea. So, maybe your wife will enjoy on your behalf ;-)