Thursday, January 17, 2008

Childhood Stories

This morning before we started our studies, I spent 30 mins telling Joel and Ethaniel about my childhood stories. They were so fascinated!!! Ethaniel was smiling and kept urging me to tell him more. It was stories from the age of about 4 years old onwards. I will blog about it next time, when I get the chance.

I love telling my children stories of my childhood and they love listening to it. I often tell them so that they can emulate e.g. learning to save and be thrift with their monies, being adventurous, the horrors of being indisciplined and unorganized and etc.

We were not well-to-do but in many ways, we had many fun doing adventurous things. I want my children to have as much, if not more fun. They will grow up with many stories to tell their children too :-). Isn't it great? Stories passed down from one generation to another...

Strangely my husband cannot remember any childhood stories!! Maybe one but that's it, just one. Maybe, I should ask his parents to tell some of his childhood stories. I think its important that Joel and Ethaniel knows about their Daddy's life. Well, that is one of the reason I started this blog. I want to leave a journal and history of us, as a family to them and their children. I am not going to live forever, you know.

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