Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One of Those Days

Yes, its one of those days when Ethaniel drives me up the wall and OUT the window.

In the middle of our studies, his constant jokes, funny faces, dawdling, "Can I have a hug and a kiss?", "I am tired", "I am hungry", "Can I have my dessert now?", "Can I have my 10 mins break now?". I have to repeat request again and again AND again! Not forgetting his new found habit of making funny noises with his lips which absolutely drives his brother up the wall with RAGE! So, both of them were at each others throat whole morning (They had to sit beside each other for studies).

When it was time to finish his Math, he insisted on doing extra 6 pages of work. I had enough of teaching for the day!!!! Let's finish NOW! But this little boy was having so much fun doing the Math exercise that he MUST continue for another 6 pages. There were those days I had to threaten him to do his work. I don't understand this boy.

"Ethaniel please close the door," I screamed from the kitchen.

"Yes, Honey!" exclaimed Ethaniel.

Now, how do you stay angry with this little boy?


JO-N said...

He has the gift to make people's heart melt. No need to get angry then.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and hope to hear from you soon.

Eagles' Wings said...

Thanks Jo-N for your note and dropping by my blog.

Will visit your blog soon.