Sunday, January 6, 2008

Belated Christmas Presents

Joel and Ethaniel have just received their Christmas presents yesterday. After dinner, we went to purchase their Christmas presents.

This is their only Christmas presents for this year other than some chocolates from Grandma Chia Chia. She brought them when she visited in Dec 07. They are still enjoying it, bit by bit everyday. They absolutely loves chocolate!!! So knowing that, my Mother bought them chocolates worth RM100 (B1,000). They have been consuming it everyday after meals.

Oh, my sister Lee Lian did send some money too. Not sure if they are going to save it up or purchase something. But for now, they are contented playing with their newly purchased toys.

Ethaniel and his remote control car

Joel and his machine gun.. Violence seems to be in the DNA of boys :-/

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