Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Collection of Toy Pigs

My favorite collections since I was a teenager are little toy pigs. I stopped for many years after I had children and had just started again in the last 2 years.

My children know that and they are very thoughtful when they buy me something.

Today we went to a fun fair. They played some games and managed to get some points which they can redeem for gifts. I told Joel & Ethaniel not to redeem for soft toys, just things which are useful to them. A few minutes later, I saw Ethaniel coming towards me with a toy pig. He was so proud and happy. “Mommy, this pig is for you!” He gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

I was so touched because instead of redeeming something he liked, he redeemed the toy pig for me! I later discovered, Joel and him planned it.

The cute little pig

Ethaniel later came to me with a sad face…. He couldn’t redeem anything for himself with the remaining points. His face was so sad that it almost seemed pitiful. I felt bad that I had the pig and told him to return it in exchange for a gift he liked but he refused.

He tried to win a few more points but couldn’t. He has one last coupon to play and I suggested that we pray that his last coupon will get him 10 points on the wheels. Not too long later, we saw him lugging his gift worth 10 points!!

Ethaniel doing CPR to the pig!

Joel dancing with the pig

It’s wonderful to see my children learning to sacrifice, just like how I often do for them, even though in small little ways. I hope all this small little practices will eventually train them to be good servants of God, neighbours, friends, husbands, fathers and grandfathers. Its never too early to learn good characters.

The benefit of being a mother is to be able to train up my sons to be what God wants them to be.

The joys of motherhood.

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