Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

We were staying at Baan Nam Ping Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand - from 23 to 25 Dec 2007. Its a very small cosy resort with only a few rooms. Its our first time there.

Staying next to our cottage was a Thai lady who is currently residing in Texas. She owns a Thai restaurant and is on holiday with some friends.

Joel and Ethaniel has been friendly and saying their usual "Hello, Auntie" each time they meet her. She was very pleased that they were so polite, well mannered and sweet. So, the next morning whilst we were having breakfast, she came over to my breakfast table and commented, "Christina, you are a wonderful Mother, your children are so sweet!" I wasn't sure what nice things Joel and Ethaniel have done but I was glad that they behaved themselves ;-).

Ms Foo said, "I was talking to your younger son this morning. I said "Hello" and "Good Morning" and asked him his name because I forgot. He replied "I already told you yesterday!"" We both burst out laughing. Ethaniel is so direct with his words.

Later, Ms Foo went over to Ethaniel and they talked. She told Ethaniel her name, "My name is Foo". Ethaniel took 3 seconds to digest that and said, "Kung Fu!" with the most cheeky expression on his face and twinkle in his eyes. All of us laughed.... It was a little rude but Ms Foo didn't mind it and thought it was funny. He was absolutely witty, this little 6 years old boy.

Needless to say, Joel and Ethaniel has smitten Ms Foo and her friend because they were both caught up talking to them till it was time for them to leave. You should have seen 4 of them chatting away like old friends!

Ms Foo

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